Commercial & Small Business Law-

Buying and selling a small business - This office will act on your behalf in the buying or selling of a Business. We are also able to advise you in relation to leasing of Business premises and where relevant, prepare a new lease or arrange for Transfer of an existing lease on your behalf.

The Business itself - If you have any queries whatsoever in relation to your existing business or any business you may be purchasing i.e., whether you should operate as a sole trader or in partnership, or as a company, or how your business should be run to comply with work and safety regulations, to name a few, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Company Incorporation and Partnership Agreements – If you wish to incorporate a company, enter into a partnership agreement, joint venture agreement, or any other form of agreement, we are able to advise in this area and prepare all relevant documentation on your behalf.

Franchising - We are also able to advise you generally in this area whether as a franchisor or franchisee, including preparing franchise documents, disclosure statements and other relevant documentation.

Employment Law – We are able to advise generally in this area and, in particular, unfair dismissal, confidentiality agreements and employment contracts.

Conveyancing –
This includes our acting on your behalf in the buying and selling of real estate, whether it be residential, industrial or commercial real estate at competitive prices.

Wills and Deceased Estates – We are able to assist you in the preparation of your Will and upon completion will hold the document in securities free of charge on your behalf. This office is also able to assist you in the administration of a deceased estate.

Power of Attorney – We are also able to assist you in the preparation of your Power of Attorney, whether it be a General, Enduring Financial or Medical Power of Attorney.

Common Law Litigation – We are able to advise you in relation to any enquiries you may have in this area, including: commercial and consumer disputes; motor vehicle or other property damage; debt recovery; and general litigation.

Family Law –
We are able to advise in the following areas of Family Law, including: your divorce application; custody; guardianship of the children; access; maintenance; division of property; your rights to the other party's superannuation; adoption; child protection; and pre-nuptial agreements.